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Creating Opportunities for Student-Athletes

Athletic Endowment Scholarship



Athletic endowments are funds that are used in perpetuity to offset scholarship costs. The income generated from these funds provide scholarships for our student-athletes in each of our 20 varsity sports on an annual basis. The primary objective of the athletic endowment program is to provide the investment necessary to offset all the scholarship costs for more than 400 student-athletes, year after year. An individual, or business, can establish an endowed athletic scholarship beginning at $25,000 and this can be made over a five year period.

Under this program a donor can establish their own scholarship endowment account for the Broncos. The minimum for an endowment at Boise State University is $25,000 payable over five years.  A gift of $5,000 qualifies you for a one time $5,000 matching opportunity from the Bronco Athletic Association.

As a Bronco Associate for Athletic Excellence member you will receive the following benefits:

Currently recognition portraits are located in the Allen Noble Hall of Fame Gallery based upon the following gifting categories:

*Annually adjusted based upon the cost of a scholarship, investment and payout policies.

For additional information: