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Creating Opportunities for Student-Athletes

Ways to Join

The Boise State Athletic Department benefits from the generosity of committed alumni, community members, parents and friends who have included the athletic program in their charitable giving and financial planning.

Contributors can gift to Bronco Athletics in various amounts, for numerous reasons, and in many forms. The programs and gifting opportunities currently available are presented below. Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Bronco Athletic Association at (208) 426-3556 or

Annual Membership

The Bronco Athletic Association raises funds annually through its membership program. These monies are used to fund scholarships for student-athletes who attend Boise State University.

Bronco Nation Fund

The purpose of the Bronco Nation Fund is to grow the support of our program and identify the many loyal fans of Bronco Nation.

Athletic Scholarship Endowment

Athletic endowments are funds that are used in perpetuity to offset scholarship costs. The income generated from these funds provide scholarships for our student-athletes in each of our 20 varsity sports on an annual basis.

Capital Projects

BAA members can make pledges toward bricks and mortar projects, can be made over a five year period. These facilities help the Broncos compete nationally to recruit the best student-athletes, and coaches.

Sport Enhancements

Each varsity sport sponsored by Boise State University has an established account to help supplement and offset operational costs necessary to compete at a national level, and provide a first-class experience to the student-athletes. These sport enhancement gifts cannot replace Per Seat Contributions for football or basketball, but will be adding to a BAA members’ total annual giving level. Sport Enhancements are specific to each sport and some have additional benefits.

Planned Giving

BAA members can establish a planned gift by naming Bronco Athletics as the beneficiary of special gifts such as cash, securities, real estate property, life insurance, and personal property items. All planned giving members will be a part of the “Footprints for the Future,” and all proceeds will be used to benefit the program as directed by the respective donor.

Matching Gifts

Many companies will match individual contributions by their employees to college and universities. Contact the appropriate person at your place of business to confirm matching gift information, and you may be able to double your support for the Broncos, and earn additional priority points.