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Creating Opportunities for Student-Athletes

Priority Point System

The Priority Points System is designed to reward and protect our members by creating a criteria that recognizes giving, loyalty and affinity to Bronco Athletics in the allocation of tickets and other benefits.

What is the need for priority points?

  1. To recognize loyal and consistent Bronco Athletic Association members and season ticket holders, while being transparent on how we do that.
  2. To ensure fair and equitable allocation of high demand items, such as bowl tickets and season ticket upgrades.
  3. To provide incentive for new and current members to go above and beyond.


Priority points are allocated based on three main categories: Giving, Loyalty, and Affinity.  Each of these categories have areas with a specific point value.  The point total from each of the categories will be combined to create your point total.  This total will be used to rank all current Bronco Athletic Association members.  This rank can change throughout the year, based upon an increase of points from you, or other members.

Priority Points will be used to allocate high demand items:


Current Year Giving to Athletics
General Scholarship, Capital, Endowment, Sport Enhancements, & Irrevocable Planned gifts 5 points per $100
Annual Seat Donations, Coaches Club, & SSC 3 points per $100
Gift in Kind 1 point per $100
Consecutive years as a Bronco Athletic Association member 10 points per year
Years of Football Season Tickets 3 points per year
Years of Basketball Season Tickets 5 points per year
Years of Bronco Sports Pass 5 points per year
Away game Ticket Purchases through Boise State 1 point per game
Referred Bronco Athletic Association Member of $100 or more 30 point per member
Affinity (one time allocation)
Former Student-Athletes 50 points
Other Alumni and Faculty/Emeriti 25 points
Lifetime Alumni Association Paid Member 25 points
Volunteer (BAA Board Officer or 4 years as BAA Board Member) 50 points

Points never diminish and will carry over to subsequent years. Donors retain all previously earned priority points in their giving history.

Understanding the Criteria

Athletic Giving (based on accurate data since 1967) Historical Giving (1967-2012) – Priority points will count the same as current year giving. Current Giving  – Gifts toward athletics and the Bronco Athletic Association will be tiered based upon where the gift is made.  Five (5) points will be allocated for every $100 toward capital projects, endowments, sport enhancements, planned gifts, and general scholarship contributions.  Three (3) points will be allocated for every $100 toward BAA memberships and season ticket contributions, Stueckle Sky Center contributions, and Coaches Club memberships.  One (1) point will be allocated for every $100 for gift in kind contributions (proper paperwork must be completed for credit). *Payments toward ticket and parking costs are not included.  Only gifts received will earn points, pledges are not included. Affinity (one-time allocation per category) Alumni/Attendee – Twenty-five (25) points will be allocated to all graduates and attendees of the University.  Fifty (50) points will be awarded to former student-athletes who played a varsity sport for Boise State athletics. Faculty/Emeriti – Twenty-five (25) points will be allocated to any current, past, retired, or Emeriti faculty of Boise State University. Lifetime Alumni Association Members – Twenty-five (25) points will be allocated to Lifetime Alumni Association members who have paid in full. BAA Board and/or Committee member – Fifty (50) points will be allocated to those who have served an executive position on the BAA Board of Directors, or has volunteered for a minimum of 4 years on the Board. Non-athletic University Giving – One hundred (100) points will be allocated to those who have made contributions to the University (gifts toward any academic area other than athletics) over $5,000. Loyalty (Based upon accurate data since 1970) Consecutive years of giving – Ten (10) points will be allocated for each consecutive year of giving toward the BAA and athletics (minimum of $100 per year). If a year is skipped, all previous points from this category will be dropped.  Points will start over once a member does rejoin. Years of season ticket purchases – Three (3) points will be allocated for each season of football ticket purchased.  Five (5) points will be allocated for each season of Men’s Basketball or Bronco Sports Pass purchases. Away game ticket purchases – One (1) point will be allocated for each away game purchase made through the Boise State Ticket Office. New referred member – Thirty (30) points will be awarded to a current member’s point total for each new member referred to athletics and the BAA (at a minimum of $100).  *In the event that a member discontinues donations toward athletics and/or the BAA, priority points will be retained, with the exception of points allocated from consecutive years of giving toward athletics and the BAA.