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Creating Opportunities for Student-Athletes

A Guide to NCAA Regulations


Boise State University takes pride in upholding the highest degree of athletic integrity. This standard can only continue if the donors, alumni, and friends of Bronco Athletics are well informed about the NCAA rules and regulations governing the eligibility, amateur status and recruitment of student-athletes. Boise State University is held responsible for any actions taken by a representative of athletics interests relating to prospects or current student-athletes. Any violation may jeopardize a young person’s opportunity to attend and compete, no matter how minor it may seem. NCAA violations may also lead to disassociation of the donor, alumni, or friend from the Boise State University Athletic Department.

NCAA violations by representatives of an institution’s athletic interests (boosters) almost routinely involve the recruitment of prospective student-athletes or providing extra benefits to enrolled student-athletes.

We need your assistance in complying with NCAA rules. Please take the time to read the following information. When you are faced with a situation and unsure of how to respond, we strongly urge you to contact the Compliance Office at (208) 426-5185 before acting.

Boise State University appreciates your continued support of the Bronco athletic programs. We hope you find the enclosed information useful in guiding your future involvement.


Representatives of Athletics Interest

You are a representative of athletics interest if you:

  1. Participate in or have been a member of any booster or alumni groups
  2. Make or have made a donation to any of the BSU athletic programs
  3. Provide or have helped to arrange employment for student-athletes
  4. Have been involved in promoting BSU athletics in any way
  5. Are the parent or legal guardian of an enrolled student-athlete
  6. Participated as a varsity athlete at BSU

According to NCAA rules, once an individual has been identified as an institutional “representative of athletics interest” the individual retains that title for life.

Remember, as a representative of athletics interest, you are responsible for making the BSU Compliance Office immediately aware of any infractions that you know have occurred. Even if the violation is unintentional, the eligibility of a prospect or enrolled student-athlete could be in jeopardy.


Prospective Student-Athletes

Definitions you should know:

A PROSPECTIVE STUDENT ATHLETE is … any student who has started classes for the ninth grade. NCAA does not have a minimum age limit. As a result, a student of any age who is contacted for recruitment purposes becomes a prospect.

A RECRUITING CONTACT is … any face-to-face encounter between a prospect, or a prospect’s parent or legal guardian, and a university staff member or representative of athletics interests during which any dialogue occurs in excess of an exchange of a greeting.

Rules to Remember:

Impermissible Activities:

Permissible Activities:


Extra Benefits

An ENROLLED STUDENT-ATHLETE is… a student who presently is participating in athletics or has completed his/her eligibility but is still enrolled at the institution.

An EXTRA BENEFIT is… any special gift or arrangement provided to an enrolled student-athlete, relative, or friend that is not available to the general student body of the institution or expressly authorized by NCAA legislation.

Extra Benefits prohibited would include:

Employment may be arranged for the student-athlete during the academic year and summer. You must check with the Compliance Office for appropriate certifying paperwork. The NCAA permits student-athletes to work provided the student-athlete and employer sign a written statement to be kept on file in the athletic department, and specifies the following:

NCAA does allow student-athletes to receive an occasional meal provided the meal is at the individual’s home (as opposed to a restaurant). Meals must be restricted to infrequent and special occasions.


The Boise State University Department of Athletics appreciates your interest and involvement. We know that you expect integrity and honesty in the conduct of our programs. We appreciate your assistance in helping to educate others about NCAA rules and regulations. Please call or write to a staff member if you know of a talented student-athlete who might benefit our program or who is already interested in attending Boise State University. Send information such as newspaper clippings to the coach in that sport. Feel free to offer your assistance to a staff member who is recruiting in your area – such as providing car or plane transportation or by suggesting people to contact for information concerning prospective student-athletes.

As a reminder, for the enrolled student-athlete, a booster may …

Call the Compliance Office at (208) 426-5185 if you are uncertain about an NCAA rule or suspect that a violation has occurred. If you have to think twice about the propriety of any action, ask before you do.

Please forward all recruiting information to:

Boise State University
Department of Athletics
1910 University Drive
Boise, Idaho 83725-1020


Men’s Sports
Basketball (208) 426-1504
Football (208) 426-1793
Golf (208) 426-3747
Tennis (208) 426-5706
Track (208) 426-3657
Wrestling (208) 426-2879

Women’s Sports
Basketball (208) 426-1412
Golf (208) 426-3167
Gymnastics (208) 426-1657
Skiing (208) 426-3565
Soccer (208) 426-5425
Tennis (208) 426-5709
Track (208) 426-3657
Volleyball (208) 426-1656

The Boise State University system of rules and regulations for NCAA compliance focuses on education of all constituencies and self-reporting any potential violations to the Western Athletic Conference and the NCAA. The institution annually reports secondary violations, both inadvertent and technical. Thanks to the administration, coaches, student-athletes and you “the boosters” Boise State’s athletic endeavors will continue to be conducted within the rules of the NCAA and the Western Athletic Conference.

Please direct all NCAA Compliance questions to:

Director of Compliance
Boise State University Department of Athletics
1910 University Drive
Boise, Idaho 83725-1020
(208) 426-5185